Explaining Brains

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How to Explain Neurodiversity to Kids

How to Explain ADHD to Kids


How to Explain Dyslexia to Kids


How to Explain Autism to Kids

with Matt Lowry, LPP


Tools for Parents and Practitioners

Handout: Kid-Friendly Assessment Summary


Parent Handout: How to Prepare Your Child for Testing


Visuals for Talking About the Brain


Parent Handout: What to Expect at Your Child’s Feedback Session


Tools for Empowering Feedback Sessions


The Brain Building Feedback Framework


How to Explain a Diagnosis to Kids


1. Understanding Your Child’s Report

Your child’s report contains an incredible amount of helpful information – but how do you “translate” all that rich data into actionable next steps?  Click here to find out!

2. Explaining a Diagnosis to Your Child

A step-by-step guide for explaining testing results and a diagnosis to your child.

3. Getting Support at School

Helping you navigate school meetings and advocate for your child in collaboration with – not in conflict with – the school team.

Coming soon!

4. Additional Resources

This “living” spreadsheet includes the most highly recommended books, parenting classes, workshops, podcasts, and other resources for parents just beginning their journey.

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