The Brain Building Book

Practitioner Manual

Step-by-step guidance and language for explaining testing results to kids.

Congratulations!  You’re about to turn your feedback sessions into an empowering, engaging, life-changing experience for the children and families you work with.  Thank you for doing this incredibly important work!

Part I:

The Brain Building Feedback Framework

Strategies for helping kids understanding their amazing brains.

Part II:

How to Use The Brain Building Book

Page by page guidance for using The Brain Building Book with elementary-aged children.

Part III:

How to Use Brain Building 101

Page by page guidance for using Brain Building 101 with adolescents.


The Brain Building Book was created with the help of an incredible team!

Engineers and Architects

  • Justin Wilcox, Entrepreneurship Educator, Editor, Advisor, and my beloved forever partner
  • Andrew Falk, Advisor and Illustrator
  • Andres Gonzalez, Digital Illustrator
  • Sarah Wheeler, Educational Psychologist and first user of The Brain Building Book


Construction Crew and Contributors

  • Steven Feifer, Author, Speaker, Test Developer, and School Psychologist
  • Cecil Reynolds, Author, Professor, Test Developer, School Psychologist, and Neuropsychologist
  • Meryl Lipton, Developmental Pediatrician
  • Matthew Pagirsky, Neuropsychologist
  • Michele Berning, School Psychologist
  • Sarah Vadnais, Pediatric Neuropsychologist
  • Hannah Acevedo, Licensed Educational Psychologist and Behavioral Specialist
  • Elizabeth Sautter, Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Milton Dehn, Author and Program Director at Schoolhouse Educational Services
  • Kent Grelling, Clinical Psychologist
  • Seth Ubogy, Neuropsychologist
  • Susan Siklos, Psychologist
  • Zoe Bonak, Psychologist
  • Peter Duquette, Pediatric Neuropsychologist
  • Brenda Wiley, Psychologist
  • and all the children who have used this book with me to better understand their brains!

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