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Empowering your child by helping them understand their amazing brain!

Empowering Your Neurodivergent Child

Empowering Your ADHD Child

Empowering Your Dyslexic Child

Empowering Your Autistic Child

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What’s Next? A Guide for Parents

4. Additional Resources

This “living” spreadsheet includes the most highly recommended books, parenting classes, workshops, podcasts, and other resources for parents just beginning their journey.

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Videos & Podcasts


Explaining Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD, Behavior and more!

January 2023

Step-by-step guidance for parents on how to explain a diagnosis to your child.

Explaining ADHD To Your Child

Step-by-step guidance for parents on how to talk to your child about their ADHD diagnosis in an empowering and neurodiversity-affirming way!

Recorded August 2022

Big Brains Raising Little Brains

May 2023

Many neurodivergent kids have neurodivergent parents.  Sometimes this helps us understand our children better – sometimes it means our neurodivergence clashes!  Listen in on what you can do to support your little one’s brain while taking care of your own.

Talking to Kids about Neurodiversity

March 2022

“What do I say to my child?”

After an assessment, parents often wonder what to tell their child. In this episode, we talk about how to translate complex testing results into simple language your child can understand.

Helping Children Understand Learning Differences

April 2023

A conversation with Lindamood Bell about helping kids understand their differences, the effect of the pandemic, and getting curious about a child’s lived experience.

Talking to Your Child About Assessment

October 2022

We often think about how to relay testing results to professionals and educators, but what about the kids themselves?

Explaining Learning Disabilities to Your Child on Thrive Hive

Join me on “Thrive Hive TV,” an online library of 200+ videos to help kids thrive!  This platform offers strength-based approaches to support kids’ learning, executive functioning, social-emotional, and behavioral needs. Watch my series and others for FREE for 30 days

Reducing Stigma for Kids with ADHD

March 2023

How to talk to your child about ADHD in a way that reduces stigma and empowers them to own their unique brain!

Talking to Kids about their Diagnosis

August 2022

A conversation with Educational Therapists Rachel Kapp and Stephanie Pitts about empowering students with the language to understand their diagnosis and advocate for what they need.

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Handouts & Resources

How to Prepare Your Child for Testing

A handout for parents with language for talking to your child before their assessment.

Now in English and Spanish.

Videos & Visuals for Explaining Differences

A spreadsheet with videos, images, and child-friendly explanations for common diagnoses and neurodivergence.  Check back often for updates!

Explaining Neurodivergence - Conversation Script

This handout will walk you through, step-by-step, how to talk to your child about their diagnosis using empowering and positive langauge.

Child-Friendly Assessment Summary

A tool for organizing assessment results in child-friendly language.  Use this tool on your own, or with the support of your child’s practitioner to plan the conversation with your child.

What's Next? Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is constantly updated with resources to help parents following their child’s evaluation.

Child Feedback Language Guide

Suggested language for explaining common developmental diagnoses to kids.

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