The Brain Building Workbooks

Empowering Kids Ages 5 – 10

The Brain Building Book is a personalizable workbook to help explain testing results or a diagnosis to children ages ~5-10 years old. Once complete, the child can share their book with loved ones, teachers, and others to help them become strong self-advocates.

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Available in Packs of 5 so every child gets their own customized book!

Good for 5 students or clients.

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Work with adolescents, too?  Check out Brain Building 101 and add both books to your feedback toolbox!

This is a great way to provide understandable explanations to kids about how the brain works and why the interventions are going to be effective.  

Dr. Cecil Reynolds, ABN, ABPdN

Professor, author, and test developer

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  I would want to use this in all my assessments and think it is really helpful and practical to demystify the assessment process and engage students.

Hannah Acevedo, LEP, ABSNP, BCBA

[My daughter] was very excited about it when she first brought it home and shared it with all loved ones.  She shared it with her teacher when school started and she pulls it out any time the subject of dyslexia comes up.

Parent of a 4th-Grade Student

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