Explaining ADHD to Your Child

A step-by-step guide to talking to your child about ADHD and what it means for them.

Visuals and Videos for Explaining ADHD

A spreadsheet of child-friendly videos, books, and visuals to explain ADHD, as well as other neurotypes or diagnoses.

My Child Was Diagnosed...What's Next?

After getting a diagnosis, many parents feel lost.

Here’s what to do next!

Explaining ADHD To Your Child

Recorded webinar on how to talk to your child about their ADHD diagnosis in an empowering and neurodiversity-affirming way!

Videos & Podcasts

Recorded resources for parents on how to share a diagnosis with your child.

How to Explain ADHD Script

This fill-in-the-blank handout will walk you through how to talk to your child about their diagnosis using empowering and positive language.

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