A Parent’s Guide to

What’s Next?

from Explaining Brains

Your child was tested…you have the results…now what?

Whether your child was evaluated by the school, a hospital, or at a private practice, most parents leave the assessment process with a lot of questions.

Find your answers here!

4 Questions to Ask Your Evaluator

Make sure you understand the main take-homes from your child’s report, and what to do about it.

Explaining a Diagnosis to Your Child

A script for talking to your child about their diagnosis.

Collaborating with the School

How to collaborate with the school team to help them understand your child’s brain.

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But that's just like me!

After going through the assessment process with your child, many parents realize they may also be neurodivergent.  Find resources for understanding yourself and how your brain works best!

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Coming soon!

"What's Next?" Resource List

A spreadsheet with frequently updated:

  • Parent support & coaching
  • Additional reading & workshops
  • Online interventions for kids
  • …and more!

Consult with Dr. Liz

1-on-1 Zoom consultation with Dr. Liz Angoff to answer questions about your child and their evaluation.  This assessment includes a copy of The Brain Building Book for your child, to help them understand their neurodivergence.

Submit a Question

Ask a question or submit a resource to be added to the What’s Next? guide.

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