A Parent’s Guide to Explaining…

Empower your child by helping them understand their diagnosis and embrace their amazingly different brain!

Feel prepared to talk to your child about their differences…

using empowering, positive language…

that your child will understand

and can use to help others understand what they need to thrive!

What’s included:

A Guidebook for You

  • Tips for when and how to start the conversation
  • Sample language for what to say (and what not to say)
  • Support for what to do if the conversation gets tricky

A Workbook for Your Child

Choose from The Brain Building Book (ages 5-10) or Brain Building 101 (ages 11+).  These personalizable workbooks are designed to help your child understand their diagnosis in simple, empowering language.  

The Parent’s Guide to Explaining is currently available for preorder.

Complete the form below to be notified when this resource is available.  Expected Spring 2023.

Questions? Please contact me directly.

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