Kid-Friendly Words for Explaining ADHD

Here are some of the common highways and construction projects for ADHD brains.  While not all ADHD brains are alike, you may find some language here that speaks to your child’s experience.

This page was built to help you complete Explaining Neurodiversity to Kids – A Script for Parents.

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Common ADHD Highways


  • Creative ideas
  • Story-telling
  • Focusing on things you enjoy
  • Doing better as things get more challenging
  • Taking in a lot at once
  • Jumping into new experiences
  • Divergent thinking
  • Making people laugh
  • Quick reactions
  • Generosity
  • Willingness to help

Common ADHD Construction Projects


  • Waiting to share your ideas
  • Writing your ideas on paper
  • Staying focused on boring or easy things
  • Getting started
  • Finishing what you start
  • Keeping track of all the steps
  • Catching errors
  • Staying organized
  • Moving or fidgeting without bothering others

Kid-Friendly Ways of Explaining ADHD


  • ADHD means your brain is built in a way that makes memory and creativity easy, but writing and waiting your turn more difficult.
  • ADHD means your brain is noticing a lot of things at once, but it may be tricky to focus in on the one thing your teacher is asking.
  • ADHD means your brain enjoys things that are new and exciting, but it may be harder to learn things you have to repeat a lot, like math facts.
  • ADHD means your brain loves movement and exploring, and may have a harder time when learning happens in one place.
  • ADHD means that your brain may have an easy time remembering stories and experiences, but may have a harder time remembering all the steps to a math problem or science experiment.

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