Explaining Challenging Behaviors to Your Child

A step-by-step guide to talking to your child about challenging behavior and reframing how we think about what is going on.

Visuals and Videos for Explaining Behavior

A spreadsheet of child-friendly videos, books, and visuals to explain behavioral challenges, emotional dysregulation, as well as other neurotypes or diagnoses.

My Child Was Diagnosed...What's Next?

After getting a diagnosis, many parents feel lost.

Here’s what to do next!

'Explaining a Diagnosis' Conversation Script

This fill-in-the-blank handout will walk you through how to talk to your child about their diagnosis using empowering and positive language.

Webinars & Podcasts

Recorded resources for parents on how to share a diagnosis with your child.

Neurodiversity-Affirming Assessment Summary

Use this worksheet to “translate” your child’s report into positive, empowering language focused on supporting your child.

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