Brain Building 101 (ages 11+)

Now available!

The video above is an example of how I use Brain Building 101 to introduce assessment and start building a shared language with the child.

Brain Building 101 is now available thanks to the generous support of this community.

Click below to learn more and view a full preview of the book!

This is a great way to provide understandable explanations to kids about how the brain works and why the interventions are going to be effective.  

Dr. Cecil Reynolds, ABN, ABPdN

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  I would want to use this in all my assessments and think it is really helpful and practical to demystify the assessment process and engage students.

Hannah Acevedo, LEP, ABSNP, BCBA

Liz Angoff’s Brain Building books are wonderful tools to help children and adolescents understand the results of their cognitive and neuropsychological test results, and the collaborative process through which she involves children throughout an assessment is state-of-the-art!

Undoubtedly, this approach also helps parents understand and be more empathic to their children.

Dr. Stephen Finn, PhD

President, Therapeutic Assessment Institute

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