AI Prompt & Video Library for Report Writing

Click below to view the evolving library of prompts and videos for writing clear, concise, & affirming reports.

1. What is AI?

New to AI? Start here:

2. AI Prompt Library

AI Prompt Library

The complete library of AI prompts for testing psychologists.

Practical AI Handout

(coming soon!)

Practical Prompts & Visuals to help you advocate for the use of AI in your district.

3. AI Video Library

#1 Impactful Report Summaries

Learn how to use AI to create a clear, concise, impactful report summary for families in a few clicks.

#2 Auto Meeting Notes for Families

Easily create actionable notes from your feedback session so families can take home a summary of your conversation.

#3 Explaining a Diagnosis to Kids

Have AI interview you about your client and create a personalized definition of their daignosis just for them.

Prompts are designed for Bastion and NoteZap, two HIPAA-compliant AI platforms.

  • BastionGPT has gifted our community 30 days to try out their tools. If they’re helpful, a small percentage of your subscription will go to support the Brain Building Book Donation program. Visit to get your free month’s trial. Learn more about Bastion at
  • NoteZap has also offered us a discount. Let them know I referred you for 20% off. (

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