CHADD Presentation Handouts

Thank you for joining us!

Please see below for the handouts and resources mentioned in the presentation.

CHADD Powerpoint Slides

Click here to download the slides from the presentation.

View Video Recording

Click here to view the recording of the presentation and Q & A.

Blog Post: How to Explain ADHD to Kids

Shifting the way we think about defining ADHD for our children.

Parent Handout: Preparing Children for Testing

A handout for parents to help their children get curious about testing and ask their own assessment questions.

Spreadsheet: Videos and Images for Explaining Differences

A living resource with videos, images, and child-friendly explanations for common diagnoses.  Check back often for updates!

Language Guide

Child-friendly language for talking about different types of brains.

Common Highways and Construction Zones

As a community we brainstormed our children’s strengths and challenges, as well as ways to say what ADHD means for each individual person.

Brain Building Books for Professionals

Help every child you work with understand their amazing brain with these personalizable workbooks.

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