Resources for Parents – CHADD

Tools for talking to kids about testing, diagnoses, and the superpowers of their neurodivergent brain!

NEW! A Parent’s Guide to Explaining…

Talking to your child about their diagnosis can be scary.  The Brain Building Books are now available for parents, with a specialized Parent’s Guide to help you navigate this tricky conversation!

Blog: Explaining Diagnoses to Kids

Articles with language, strategies, and tools for talking to kids in empowering, neurodiversity-affirming ways.

How to Prepare Your Child for Testing

A handout for parents with language for talking to your child before their assessment.

Now in English and Spanish.

Child-Friendly Assessment Summary

A tool for organizing assessment results in child-friendly language.  Use this tool on your own, or with the support of your child’s practitioner to plan the conversation with your child.

Videos & Visuals for Explaining Differences

A spreadsheet with videos, images, and child-friendly explanations for common diagnoses and neurodivergence.  Check back often for updates!

Child Feedback Language Guide

Suggested language for explaining common developmental diagnoses to kids.

Webinars & Podcasts

Recorded resources for parents and professionals.

Personal Consultation

Book a 1-hour session with Dr. Liz to learn how to talk to your child about their amazing brain!

As part of our session, you will receive a Brain Building Book personalized for your child based on our conversation, plus additional resources that will help you on your journey.

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